Tai Chi
Qigong (pronounced ("chee-gong")
Qigong is an ancient method for healing and fitness.  Its practice in Asia dates  back to 5000 years ago.  The rudimentary principles of gigong literally means "working with energy"
The qi , (pronounced chee, our "life force") with training, can be sommoned and channeled throughout the body for healing purposes.  This energy can pass out of the body and affect physical substances and objects.
Its movements, meditations, and visualizations are actively practiced today by more and more people in China and throughout the world.  Qigong is an officially recognized means for healing and fitness in China.
With as little as 20 minutes to an hour of daily practice, Qigong can produce substantial benefits including  improvements in health, energy, and effeciency; enhanced relaxation and stress reduction; weight adjustment and beautification, improved sleep quality and psychological balance.
As alternative modes of healing continue to increase in populatity in the West, it is only fitting that interest in Qigong is growing repidly throughout the world.